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Contents Copyright 2002 by Christopher Plummer

U&O has been getting big. Too big! This issue I cut back. We don't need
to all rewrite the same stories do we?? In an effort to STREAMLINE, we're
going to drop the News and maybe Updates for awhile. Instead, we'll just
post some good links. If there's something we REALLY want to write about,
we will, enhanced with fascinating Mac trivia, insightful comments, and
personal commentary of questionable merit. :-)

UPDATES - Retrospect, Palm Desktop
NEWS - Something New
UNPREDICTABLE READER FEEDBACK - Just the usual accolades!
ANGEL OR DEMON? - Tame the Beast
Tips - Force Open PDFs
Know The Difference - Please!
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - OS X Feedback!
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - More IE
Good News Press Releases - iMac Raves, Lotta Video

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: PDF, Dock, Application Menu, TOTE

(9/10) Retrospect 5 - At last, the trusty tool of yesteryear is available
for backing up both OS 9 and X volumes, and not just in a 'preview'
version, but a real commercial release. If you've been using the
'Preview', be sure to download the Uninstaller and run it first, before
installing the release version.


(9/10) Palm Desktop 4.0 - At last, the trusty tool of yesteryear is
available to track your contacts and appointments not just in a 'beta'
version, but in a final truly FREE CARBON release. Oh, and it works with
those little Gameboy PDA doodads that so many people carry around.


For lots of updates, check Version Tracker:

Try the MacMinute:

And MacInTouch:

And the Macintosh Resource page:

Just the usual Accolades (Thanks!)

(10) ANGEL OR DEMON - Tame the Beast
If you've never used NINE, you don't realize that TEN is different. Who
cares?? YOU don't! YOU probably think TEN is nifty. Oh, innocent
newcomer! Keep your illusions. Skip this article!

Those of us who have used NINE and have toyed with (or even made the move
to) TEN, recognize that OCCASIONALLY we have to ask ourselves, "Self,
what the h### was Apple thinking??" They've moved things, taken away
capabilities, changed key commands, and made the Mac OS approach Windows
in its complexity. Let's just not go there. Instead, in this and future
UNPREDICTABLE issues, I'll make some recommendations on how you can TAME

We could call this series, 'Top Mac OS X Utilities: Restoring Mac OS 9
Functionality', but Adam Engst already wrote that!


Yep. While I was noodling around, picking on Apple and then on Microsoft,
TidBits published the article that was in my head. Snooze you lose. It's
about the shareware utilities that make Oh Ess Ten act at least a little
bit more like our old friend NUMBER NINE. So, hit the link, and check it
out. Meanwhile, I'm still going to tell you my suggestions even though
they're nearly the same as Adam's. And I'll do it just one at a time! :-)

I don't know, but it's not there. It's been blown all over the interface.
If you want to do something related to printing, there is no Chooser. You
need to go to the 'Print Center.' And believe me, you really don't want
to go there unless you have to, because the Print Center is ugly. Very
ugly. (For more on the Print Center, see this issue's 'Occasional
Favorite Website.') The Print Center is not under the Apple Menu. Where
is it? Oh sure, Applications/Utilities/Print Center. Real convenient!

The Ten Way - One reader suggested I 'just get with the program' and try
to do things the way Ten wants me to. "The Print Center?", I asked. "Use
the 'Go' Menu!" He responds. "It's great for new users! Where do you want
to go? The Print Center. Simple, right?" Not exactly. First, 'Print
Center' is not IN the 'Go' menu by default. The only way to get it there
is to add it to your 'Favorites'. So, once you manage to do that, here's
how you would 'Go' to the dreaded Print Center:

1) Activate the Finder - The Go menu only appears in the Finder. So you
have to bring the Finder to the 'top'. Click on the Finder icon in the Dock.

2) Select the 'Go' Menu.

3) Slide down to 'Favorites'

4) Slide down to 'Print Center' and let the mouse button up.

Not bad, but not very NINE. Not very MAC.

To do the same in NINE, from any application, go to the Apple Menu, and
select Chooser.

Make Ten do it the Nine Way - Download the utility 'FruitMenu', and put
stuff, including the Print Center, where you would expect it to be. (If
you like what it does, please pay the shareware fee!)


You can add applications, folders, documents, pretty much just the way
you could customize the Apple menu in NINE. You add the Print Center to
FruitMenu, and this is how you get to the Print Center:

From any application, go to the Apple Menu, and select Print Center.
That's it.

The defense rests. :-)

Mac OS TEN gives users the ability to create PDF files. To do this, you
have to Print the file and then press [Preview]. This will open the file
in the Preview application. From Preview, select File and 'Save as PDF'.
You'll probably want to change the name of the file. (It defaults to
'Preview of...'). But that's not the tip. The tip is for OS 9 users too.

OS 10 saves the file as a PDF, but it will prefer to open it in Preview,
not in Adobe Acrobat Reader. That may be okay on your TEN machine, but if
you email the file to a NINE user, depending on the settings they're
using, and how their mail client handles the message (there're a lot of
'if's' here), their Mac MIGHT try to open it with SIMPLETEXT! And guess
what? It won't work!!

Savvy NINE users will recognize that the file is a PDF. But what to do
with it? Here's the quick, easy way to open it:

Locate your Acrobat Reader icon, alias, or button on the Launcher, or Dock.
Drag the truculent PDF file to one of the above and drop it.
If the file came through email without other problems, it will open in

BTW this tip is about as old as Mac. It may even be TOTE, but I think
not. You can use this Drag'n'Drop technique to 'Force Open' a document in
any application that can handle it, and it works in TEN too!

Another BTW, you can use the same technique if you receive an
uncooperative PDF file from another platform!


Know The Difference
Stranger than Fiction - It's good to know the difference between
operating systems. Take Unix and Windows. Please. Microsoft is obviously

MS and Unisys set up their anti-Unix site called 'Wehavethewayout' which
proclaimed that "Unix is hard to manage, requires expensive IT people to
run it, and is cryptic." If that alone doesn't clue you in to how
confused they are, the 'Wehavethewayout' website was hosted on a FreeBSD
Unix server running open source Apache (web server). When this was
exposed to the public on April 1, the site was brought down. The
following day it came up briefly on an MS IIS (Windows) web server. After
which it crashed and stayed down. (It must be up by the time you read
this, right?)


And That's The Difference.

Mac OS X Feedback Page

Many of you have the attitude, "Let Chris and the other GEEKS blaze the
trail! I'm sticking with NINE until everything is HUNKY DORY with TEN!"
Okay. Be that way. But if you'd like to give OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE some
feedback, they have a page just for you.


Here's what I recently told them under the topic "Print Center is Ugly,
Very Ugly":

"I trashed my two printers: an ancient Laserwriter IINT and an Epson
Color 800 just over three years old, both of which are not supported in
TEN. I bought an Epson WIRELESS printer, and it's really wonderful. By
now I'm sure you've heard plenty about how lame the Print Center is
compared to the wonderful automatic configuration of printers that
occurred in OS 9.x The Print Center is so ugly, unintuitive, non-visual,
and if you're using IP printing, you can't even give the printer a name,
so it's non-alphabetic!

Just for fun (Ha) I configured a printer today on Windows 2000 at the
office. Just thought I'd see how this compares to OS X and the dreaded
Print Center.

Well the bad news is Windows 2000, and probably X Pee, make the Print
Center look like the hacked together pile of Unix code with a 1984
Interface that it truly is. Sorry guys, it just really sucks. PUH-LEASE
make a big effort to give printing the kind of attention it deserves!!"

Was I too harsh? You take a fresh look at the X Print Center and tell me.

Readers, do all of us a favor and go to the OS X Feedback Page.


Fill out the form, and be honest!

Copy the next paragraph (below) and paste it into the 'Comments' window:

Unpredictable sent me. Please improve the Oh Ess TEN 'Print Center'.
Please make it more like the Chooser. Please make it support older
printers. Please make it more AQUA. Please make it easier than Windows.
Please let me give a 'nickname' to my TCP-IP printers!

And be sure to push the button to send your message on its way!


Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
(9/10) Internet Explorer -

[Command] + Click - Opens a link in a new browser window. You knew about
that one? Really? Okay, try this:

[Command] + [Shift] + Click - Opens a link in a new browser window BEHIND
the current window. If you have a slow connection, use this technique to
load one page while you're reading another!

TFSB!! :-)

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