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Contents Copyright 2002 by Christopher Plummer

Remember Earth Day? I forgot. Remember 'Kent State'? I only remembered it
when I heard Neil Young's 'Ohio' this morning. But don't worry, I
remembered I have a magazine to get out! And another one will follow it
soon because we have things like new G4 Powerbooks, eMacs, and Jaguars to
discuss. Until then, is U&O one of those adoring newsletters that acts as
though Apple can do no wrong? If you haven't figured that out by now,
WELCOME! You must be a new subscriber! This issue we UNPREDICTABLY
premier the JIVE AWARD, where we'll honor some Apple product for BAD
DESIGN. First up, THE CUBE, covered along with fascinating Mac trivia,
insightful comments, and personal commentary of questionable merit. And I
must say to the bad boys in Redmond, "Oh, BEHAVE!" Otherwise, how can I
ever leave Microsoft alone? :-)

NEWS & UPDATES - Bunch o'Ten
JUST FOR FUN - Earth Browser
GEEK SPEAK REVIEW - GA,DA what the hey?
Tips - (10) Famous Again - Location Manager
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - (9,10) Mouse Button Volume Eject
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - Flippy floppies
GET THE POINT - Join the Campaign to Clean Up Ten
CLASSIFIEDS - Buy my PowerBook(s) Please
Good News Press Releases - eMac, G4 Tibook, DVI/ADC Adapter


GA, DA, Earth Browser

(10) 'Internet Explorer 5.1 Security Update', OSX 'Security Update April
'OS X Update 10.1.4' - All available via Software Update. YES, I GOT
CURRENT, and downloaded all of these. All are UNPREDICTABLY RECOMMENDED.
Minor speed improvements were evident in the 10.1.4 update. Sherlock
seems faster now, but Get Info [COMMAND] + I and some drag-and-drop
functionality has disappeared from within SHERLOCK. Wake up, APPLE!!

(10) Retrospect 5.0.205 - This is important or I wouldn't mention it.
Fixes a bug where, "The RetroRun process in Mac OS X continually
increases its memory use while any LaunchCFMApp process is running.
(LaunchCFMApp is a process used in Mac OS X to open Carbon applications.)"


(10) ADOBE PhotoShop 7 - ACTUALLY SHIPPING. Allright you GAs! TEN is
almost ready for you! What's left? Well, QUARK, obviously. So switch to
Adobe InDesign if you must! And MacroMedia Dreamweaver MX is on the way.


More news & updates:

Remember JOHN? He suggested I pass along the solution to an ongoing
problem he was having printing Acrobat documents in Quark. (Did you know
you could import PDFs into Quark 'boxes'? I'm learning all the time!)
Because of a bug in Quark, John needs to 'close all his libraries' before
printing or importing PDFs. A phone call to Quark would have cost
HUNDREDS, but I helped out John with just a little time on the web. THE


(9, X) Earth Browser
Remember in 'Men in Black' when Agent K sits down at the black flat-panel
iMac and starts punching away keys? He pulls up a satellite view of North
America, then zooms to the Eastern US, then Cape Cod, and finally to his
ex-girlfriend in her front yard. With Earth Browser you can do this!
(Except for the girl part. And not as fast, but still...) It starts with
a globe. Not like the old rotating Earth from the Star Trek 'After Dark'
screensaver (if you go back that far). No, we're talking high resolution
from real satellite photos. Rotating slowly. Our beautiful water planet.
And you can use the magnifying glass cursor and ZOOM in pretty far before
it gets chunky.

You can change the size of the image from small to full screen. [On my
slow(!) G4/400, the rotating earth is smoothest viewed in a smaller
window.] It's sort of a digital globe that you control with a button bar
and menus. Want to see where night is falling right now? Want to see the
cloud cover (updated via Internet)? Want to see the locations of cities,
flickering? How about the current weather for those cities, represented
by little animated "Barry Zevan the Weather Man" icons? Double-click the
weather icon and get a weather window with a forecast and a link to the
CIA World Fact Book for that country. Not impressed yet? Click a button
and see the locations of volcanoes - double click on the volcano and your
web browser will pop open to a site that lists information about that
volcano! Earthquakes? See the locations of earthquakes with the dates of
their latest activity. This is REALLY cool! You can discern PATTERNS!
That Pacific Rim, whoo baby, it's volatile!

What I'm trying to say here, a bit late for EARTH DAY, is this nifty
little program, with the assistance of an Internet connection, will
really give you a feel for the whole planet. A sense of global community.
An awareness that yes, we in New Jersey (believe it or not) really ARE
connected to the folks in California, and Australia, and everywhere else
on the globe!

Does it do more? Well sure, there's even version, but
don't you want a few surprises? It's shareware. Just download it and try
it out. And if you like it and use it, pay for it and get the 'full'


We know Apple designs awesome products, products that are often
considered 'art'. But get real folks, Ars Gratia Artis - 'art for art's
sake' for those of you who missed Lydia Haberman's Freshman Latin - is
not always the best philosophy for Industrial Design. Named after
Jonathan Ive, Apple Executive Vice President of Industrial Design, the
idea behind the OCCASIONAL JIVE AWARD is that the THING is not
necessarily a BAD design. It might be a beautiful THING, but it's a
beautiful THING that doesn't sell or doesn't work. It's form has
overwhelmed its function. Yes, Apple makes mistakes, sometimes elegant,
beautiful ones.

Remember the G4 cube? Introduced and discontinued in the same year, the
Cube was BEAUTIFUL. Compact, cute, quasi-functional, it packed a lot of
power into an expensive nearly un-upgradeable lucite Kleenex box that
suffered from cracks. Besides the HIGH price, the Cube's major downfall
was that it came with NO monitor. AND it really only looked good next to
an expensive Apple flat panel display, which in THOSE DAYS, went for
something like three GRAND. So when Apple dropped the price of the Cube
did everyone say 'whoop-de-doo!' and buy Cubes? Of course not, because to
look good, you still had to connect it to a $2000 - $3000 display. Oh
well. Flat panel prices have dropped and it was really a prototype for
the new iMac anyway, wasn't it?


GA, DA - Graphic Artist. These days that almost certainly means a DA,
(NO, not a 'Desk Accessory'! That's what it used to mean. ) A Digital
Artist. And it also almost certainly means a MAC USER. I don't care how
many Adobe programs run on Windows, a Mac is still a Mac, and a Windows
PC is still NOT a graphics machine. (No offense, Dad.)

-- Terrible tales of misunderstood and unknown features. --
(9) Location Manager - Talk about fun! Location Manager was ORIGINALLY
for PowerBook users. But any Mac Whackin' Nine User can have it! If
you're a NINE user and you ever switch your Default Printer, switch from
LAN to Remote Access modem dial-up, switch from one Time Zone to another,
switch the Sound level, switch your Extension Manager or Conflict Catcher
sets, or any number of other things - then you OWE it to yourself to
check out the 'Location Manager'. This Overlooked and Underused Control
Panel item allows you to set up and switch 'Locations.' (This is a bit of
a mind bender, but trust me, it's worth the effort!).

Each Location contains settings for all the items listed above and more.
Once you have a couple Locations setup, you can switch between them from
the Location Manager pop-up in the Control Strip. Select the Location
from the menu, and GO! If you're not switching something that requires a
restart, it will just change. Otherwise, it tells you, "This requires a
restart.." and then you can Restart. As with all O&U items, you must
EXPERIENCE this to APPRECIATE it. And I won't cover it in more detail.
It's in the Macintosh Help System. David Pogue has already written about
it in the Conflict Catcher Manual, a Dummies book, and gosh knows where
else (the man practicaly invented the term 'leverage'!) AND, I just did a
Sherlock Googol search and came up with a TON OF REFERENCES. Here are a few:


(10) Location Manager for TEN? Seems like a good idea. There is a
'Location' setting on the Apple menu, but all it changes is your Network
settings. Not there yet. But hey! There's a third party product that
might fill the gap. I've received the honor of providing the FIRST OSX
Reader tip on Bob 'Dr. Mac' Levitus's OSXFAQ page, read about 'LocationX'


Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
Last time we discussed using [Command] + E to Eject...
If you have a diskette or CD in the drive of your Mac and you'd like to
Eject it but you forgot to before you shutdown last night or if your
system Crashed, with a disk in it's mouth - but that NEVER happens,
right? - on most Macs, since about the first 128K Mac with one single-
sided 400k floppy drive, you can restart the Mac and HOLD the Mouse
Button down during a restart. This will cause it to spit out the diskette
or CD during the startup process, without reading it or attempting to
start from it. I recall finding Macs where this didn't work, but I
checked it recently on a Graphite G4, on my iMac Graphite DV, and on my
PowerBook G4, and on them, it still works!

Remember floppy disks? We're cleaning up 20 years of Mac junk at Chris
World. Including FLOPPY DISKETTES!! Isn't there some 'third world
country' that would find them USEFUL? YOU BET! How about that third world
country, the US of A? Here's a website that specializes in collecting
diskettes and distributing them to schools and service organizations who
need them. Check it out! (Thanks Rickford!)


Join the UNPREDICTABLE Campaign to Clean Up TEN!

Many of you have the attitude, "Let Chris and the other GEEKS blaze the
trail! I'm sticking with NINE until everything is HUNKY DORY with TEN!"
Okay. Be that way. But give OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE some feedback, to help
make TEN more FAMILIAR WHEN YOU ARRIVE!! Here's your Homework Assignment:

Go to the OS X Feedback Page.


Fill out the form, and be honest!

Copy the text >>below<< and paste it into the 'Comments' window:

Unpredictable sent me. I've already harped on the Location Manager - In
NINE the Location Manager capabilities are AWE INSPIRING!! In TEN it does
NOTHING except change your Network Settings. That's it. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

So, since the Print Center is so laughable, why not at least give us the
abiity to switch the 'Default Printer' when we switch Locations? How
about it? Huh? Please?

And be sure to push the button and send your message on its way!


Fast 1400c Powerbook
My trusty old PowerBook 1400c 133, w/NuPower 250mhz G3 Accelerator, 4 gig
drive, 64Mb RAM, 'Wetsuit' case, big ugly Targus carrying case, ADB
Buglite, floppy and 12x CD drives (cold swappable), TWO Apple power
supplies, 'SCSI' Doc adapter for SCSI port and 'SCSI Disk Mode', SCSI
cable, 33.6 Modem card, 10Mb Ethernet card w/dual link port, Active
Matrix color display, US Robotics External 56k Modem and cable, (all?)
original CDs, disks, & manuals. Face it, this machine will never have
more than 64Mb Ram and will never run Oh Ess Ten. But it's a great little
puppy. This package is just $450.00 US. Buy it!! Or make an offer. Email me.

Awesome TiMac
My awesome Titanium G4 400Mhz will be up for sale in a month or so.
384Mb, 10G drive, CD/DVD, Airport. Interested? Drop me a line.

Beige Mac Fossils
I have a number of other Macs and peripherals - A Performa with a TV
Tuner, a Mac Classic, a IIci. All in various states of disrepair. Old
SCSI Syquest drives and JAZ drives & disks. Even an Apple //c!! Printers
too. I'll part with most of this for next to nothing. Tell me you want it.

< chris AT Unpredictablemac dot com>.


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TFSB :-)



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