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Contents Copyright 2002 by Christopher Plummer

Is it 10 or is it X? I don't know! But to be consistent with other sites
and publications that identify their content as we have, if it relates to
TEN, it will be labeled (X), if it's NINE stuff, (9), both, (9,X), or
for neither. And if I forget and label something (10), CAN YOU BLAME
ME?? This issue got big! Most of the fascinating Mac trivia, insightful
comments, and personal commentary of questionable merit in this issue is
about TEN. If that's not your bag, I suggest you STILL read the
'ANNOUNCEMENT', "Steve's Secret X-Plan", and then jump to the Tips and
"Special Bonus Keyboard Commands". Back by popular demand, I DON'T leave
Microsoft alone. :-)

NEWS & UPDATES - A bunch, and learn about non-CD music discs before it's
too late!
GET THE POINT - Book Review
ANGEL OR DEMON - Tame the Beast (part 3)
KNOW THE DIFFERENCE - Hotmail gets hotter
TIPS - Just Say No to the Startup Memory Test
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - the ultimate Mac OS keyboard command list
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - something for everybody
Good News Press Releases - 'Jaguar', iChat, Xserve, and MORE. Tons of
info on Apple's big announcements from the annual Developer's Conference.

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: Product Churn, NBWV, Wintel

(X) iPhoto 1.1.1 - Mail photos using 'Mail' app, other new features

(X)iPhoto Mail Patcher - Patches iPhoto 1.1.1 so that it sends mail with
Eudora, Mailsmith, PowerMail, and QuickMail Pro (not just with the lame
Apple 'Mail' app.) This is really a great little hack!

(X) Now UptoDate & Contact 4.2.1 - QuickDay & QuickContact 'Grab'n'Go' -
Contextual menus that let you 'grab' text, addresses, names, etc. from
other applications, and 'go' right to Now to add the info, plus menu bar
changes & more.

(X) AIM - If you're an Instant Messenger...

In their ongoing efforts to consolidate control over the sources of
digital music, the major record labels are introducing copy-protected
music discs. The copy protection schemes go the legal 'Fair Use Doctrine'
one better, preventing users not only from making a legal 'backup' copy
of the music they purchase, but preventing the Music disc from even
working on a PC or Macintosh! The copy protection technique involves non-
conformance to CD standards developed by Phillips - so don't even call it
a CD. Phillips has publicly stated its opposition to the scheme. Discs
'protected' in this manner may cause a crash and GREY SCREEN on Macs, and
may require a non-warranty service visit to remove the disc. Apple has
denied responsibility for the issue, pointing out that Macs conform to
the CD standards developed by Phillips. Apple has posted a Tech Note
about how to get your Mac back under control if it encounters this mess.
Don't buy one of these discs. If you do, be sure to return if for a refund!!




More news & updates:

Welcome to new subscribers Jeff, Matt, and Sarah!

ATTENTION CLIENTS!! No I don't give it away, but this is close. This year
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honor the consulting time, but if you want me to come to Australia
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in Sydney? I'll bet there is. :-)

Product Churn - Quick product turnover for the benefit of people who own
big pieces of the company that churns product, maybe even stockholders.
Doesn't do much for consumers, but stimulates the economy, makes lots of
jobs at BDCs.

BDC - Big Dumb Corporations. Isn't this TOTE? They know who they are, and
so do you!

TOTE - Too Obvious To Explain

NBWV - Next Bloated Windows Version. There's always one on the way.

Wintel - Windows/Intel. PC of the masses. The Dark Side. 'Be a good sheep.'

In Praise of Acceptance
Until now, if you've looked at, or especially, used, OH ESS TEN, you've
probably thought, "Gosh, Apple says I can run TEN on my 400Mhz iMac, G4
PowerBook, etc. (substitute your favorite Mac that meets the minimum
requirements), and it sure is pretty, but..well (as you try to be nice to
OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE) it's not as..snappy.. as OS9." And you are so
right! But after awhile, once you got most of your applications to the
Carbon versions, and you figured out the ugly 'Print Manager', and you
got used to waiting for your windows to redraw, you might have even
gotten used to relaxing while you watched the spinning rainbow beach
ball. Good for you!

This change in your attitude reflects two Taoist principles: Accepting
things as they are, and being HERE in the present moment. And these are
important for using OH ESS TEN with what the IS world calls 'legacy
hardware'. And really, is that bad? If you're a Taoist, the answer is
obvious, "It isn't 'bad' or 'good', it just is." If you're not a Taoist,
think about the opportunity that OH ESS TEN provides for you to SLOW
DOWN. How many times have you gone to a menu item in OS9, and jumped
immediately to the wrong place, or even done something disastrous because
the mouse and menu are TOO FAST? This has happened to me often! Maybe
we've taken for granted our expectation that everything should happen
NOW, immediately, at our command, when we want it. Life is short. The
paradox is that you don't get more out of it by rushing! You make it
longer by relaxing, appreciating what you have, now, in the present
moment. So RELAX and enjoy TEN.

In Praise of BIG
Is that all I have to say? Just relax? No! While you're relaxing with
TEN, you probably also think, "What's with all the GIANT menus and GIANT
anti-aliased fonts!!?? Can't I change that??" And you may have tried, as
I did, with some limited success to reduce the fonts and turn off the
fuzzy anti-aliasing. Is there a Taoist principle here somewhere? I don't
know. Certainly there is a paradox, because if you have trouble with your
sight, the big fonts help, but the anti-aliasing makes even those big
fonts look fuzzy! The whole effect is that on your legacy Mac, where OS9
had lots of room, OH ESS TEN reminds you of working on the original
Macintosh NINE inch screen! It doesn't? You don't remember that? Oh. I
guess I'm showing my age. :-) That means, "It feels like you're working
on a tiny screen!"

There is a Reason
As an UNPREDICTABLE reader put it not long ago, Apple has pulled a
'Wintel' on us! What does that mean? Have you ever noticed how people
with Windows/Intel computers are always buying a new one? Big Dumb
Corporations and even Big Dumb Schools often replace their computers
every TWO years. To most Mac users, this is unheard of. We might buy a
new Mac right away if it REALLY strikes our fancy (like the Titanium G4
PowerBook, or the Bicycle Helmet iMac), but otherwise, most of us are
content with our Macs for four or five years!!

In the Wintel world, this quick turnover (called 'product churn') results
from the great relationship between Microsoft and Intel. Microsoft makes
Intel's fast new processors obsolete before they're plugged into the
first Dell motherboard. The Dell you bought last week runs Windows
(whatever the current incarnation) pretty well, but not 'wicked' fast.
But not to worry, there's always a faster 'Pentium' on the way! For
wicked fast, buy a brand new PC! Of course there's always a new Windows
on the way, too. Microsoft's legions of programmers are busy adding
bizillions of features to the next version of Windows. This 'NBWV' (next
bloated Windows version) absolutely requires the latest fastest version
of the Intel processor, which conveniently, is available for you to buy,
now, in a brand new PC!! And so it goes, odd infinitum.

Embracing Change
Which brings us at last to Steve's secret plan. With OS Ten on a new
higher screen resolution PowerBook with an 800Mhz processor, or on the
667-800Mhz Bike Helmet iMac with its gorgeous flat panel, suddenly it all
becomes clear! Literally. Because at higher resolution (with more pixels
per inch), the big menus look smaller. The anti-aliased fonts look
sharper. And the responsiveness and speed of window redraws and such in
TEN is just as we remembered OS9!! Is it 'product churn' in the Apple
market? In a way, yes. But I can't believe that Steve's only intent was
to get us to buy more Macs. Unlike profit/volume lords on the DARK SIDE,
Apple wants to take us to a higher plane of computing. Just as we
oldsters had to kiss the old Motorola architecture goodbye when the
PowerPC came along, now Mac users need to do the same to the 'old' OS.
And getting the most out of the new one requires NEW Macs. Sorry. But
that's really the way it is. It's time to embrace the new. You don't have
to do it now, you may not have to do it for a year or two, but you're
going to have to buy one of these new Macs and go to Oh Ess Ten. And when
you let go of all the good times you had with your old OS9, you're going
to love TEN. Honest. If you're not part of the future, then get out of
the way!


"Okay, Chris." You ask,"What's the best OH ESS TEN book?" There is no
best book! It depends on what you're looking for. But this one is the
most comprehensive I've seen.

'MAC OS X UNLEASHED',Copyright 2002,$49.99, SAMS, by John Ray and William
C. Ray. There was Maria Langer's 'Quickstart', and Gene Steinberg's
'Little Black Book', and if you want something light when you're getting
your feet wet with TEN, they serve their purpose. Go ahead and read
those. But Oh Ess Ten is a whole new world. If you listen to the
'regular' Mac columnists and writers, you can hear that many of them are
as flabbergasted and bamboozled by OS X as the rest of us. Bob Levitus
has gathered a helpful circle of geeks, but the truth is, just about any
average user knows almost as much about Oh Ess Ten as any of the formerly
'expert' Mac journalists.

Which is why 'Unleashed' is just the ticket. Because it's written by a
couple of Mac fanatical Unix geeks. These guys have the knowledge and
experience to explain the Unix stuff buried beneath the new interface.
And they have the Mac background to be honest about some of the decisions
Apple has made. For example, in the section on 'Mac OS X Basics' they
mention many cases where OS X is in fact closer to MS Windows in design
than it is to OS 9 - apparently so 'all users can feel comfortable' with
X. Regarding how Apple changed [Command]+N from meaning 'New Folder' to
mean 'New Finder Window', they write, "It boggles my mind to think that
Apple believes I need more windows on my screen more often than I need a
new folder." Gimme some truth, guys!

'UNLEASHED' is 1464 pages, including the huge index, and it's really
several books in one. There's plenty of well-written introductory info
for the Mac novice. It gets more and more detailed as you progress
through the first three parts up to page 476. From there, the rest of the
book dives straight into Geekville, covering tons of Unix command line
info, the Apache web server, networking, and more, more, more. Don't be
intimidated by this book. If you might ever need this stuff, or want to
learn it, or need a reference to look it up, this book has it. It's not
for everyone. It's for people who want to go DEEP into OS X. And for
that, 'MAC OS X UNLEASHED' is UNPREDICTABLY recommended. :-)

(X) ANGEL OR DEMON - Tame the Beast (part 3)
Last time we talked about fixing the Apple Sounds missing from OH ESS TEN
with the Zounds shareware utility. And of course you tried this, didn't
you? Was I right? Or was I left?

We're going to the right now. The far right corner of the menu bar. HEY!
IT'S EMPTY! Yep, where you expect to see the 'Application Menu', there's
NOTHING. So how does TEN expect you to switch applications? The Dock of
course. The Dock is the answer to everything. The little black triangles
next to an icon on the Dock indicate that the application is running.
Click on an application icon to bring all that application's windows to
the 'top'. (Unlike in NINE, clicking on a single application window
doesn't pull all the windows for that application to the top. Just the
ONE WINDOW you clicked.) [See 'Special Bonus Keyboard Commands', below,
for more Dock info!]

Okay, so if you're like most SEASONED Mac users, you can deal with the
Dock, but you'd still like to have an Application Menu, and maybe see
the name, or at least the icon, of the 'current' active application.
There are a number of utilities that will do this for you. The one I like
is 'X-Assist', and it's TRULY FREE!!


X-Assist will do all sorts of things, including a 'Control Panels' menu
option that takes you to System Preferences, and a 'Recent Items' menu,
and it even has a 'plug-in' architecture. Honestly, all I want is the
Application menu I had in NINE! I don't use any of that other stuff, but
you might.


Know The Difference
Microsoft, home of 'trustworthy computing', and parent company of
'Hotmail', has followed a similar recent move by Yahoo to expose its
throngs of users to marketing spam. Without notifying users, MS changed
the preferences for all Hotmail users so that Microsoft may share their
email address and other information with other companies!

In case you forgot, Microsoft is the company that proposes its Passport/
dot Net as a global, 'secure' solution for all user and business access
to the web, purchases, and who-knows-what-else, and which certain parts
of the United States Government are allegedly considering for use as a
national electronic security ID, rumored to be called 'the Ashcroft Card'.


And That's The Difference.

The Mac runs a memory test at each startup. The more RAM you have, the
longer this check takes. You can speed up your Mac's startup by disabling
the startup memory test. To disable the test, hold down the [Command] and
[Option] keys while opening the Memory control panel. At the bottom of
the panel, you'll see the option to switch the memory test on or off.
Turn it to 'off'. This change should make your startup faster The next
time you restart!

THE END ALL and BE ALL of Mac System Keyboard Shortcuts.
'Dave' has collected these and posted them for all the world at his
website. If you can absorb these all at once, here they are! If not, just
check out Special Bonus Keyboard Commands in nearly every issue of


Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
Some of the new G4 models don't have an eject button on the CD drive.
You're supposed to use the Apple Pro Keyboard 'CD-Eject' key. But what if
you use a 3rd party keyboard without an Eject key?

Find your G4 Installation CD, and look in the 'CD Extras' folder. Locate
an application called 'Eject'. This little utility should open the CD
drawer even if it's empty. Try it.

Next, use the Keyboard Control Panel to assign a key to launch the
'Eject' utility. In the Keyboard Control Panel, click on [Function
Keys..]. On the 'Hot Function Keys' dialog, click on one of the Function
keys. When the dialog appears, select 'a server, application, or
document' for the key to open! (For this tip, you select the 'Eject' program.

But now that you've discovered the Keyboard Control Panel, forget about
Eject! You can use this for whatever you want!! Launch your browser, your
mail program, an Applescript you wrote!!

Sorry, TEN users, although you can do a bunch of stuff with the Keyboard
Preference panel, for some reason, you can't do this! But you get your
own Keyboard Commands:

For TEN users, how about this? Click on an application window to bring
that window (and just that window - not all the other windows from that
application) to the 'top'. Click on the application icon on the DOCK, to
bring all the open windows for that application to the top. Click on an
application icon on the DOCK and HOLD, for a pop-up menu where you can
select any window from that application, even windows that have been
'minimized' (The yellow blob button.) Finally, and best of all,
[Command]+[Option] + Click an icon on the DOCK to bring ALL it's open
windows to the 'top' and HIDE all other application windows!

TFSB! :-)

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