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Contents Copyright 2002 by Christopher Plummer

There comes a time when every issue must be cut free. And this is a
hodge-podge of an issue, enhanced with fascinating Mac trivia, insightful
comments, and personal
commentary of questionable merit. Once again, I DON'T leave Microsoft
alone. :-)

NEWS & UPDATES - MacExpo NYC is coming! Be there or be square!!
JUST FOR FUN - The Naked Truth
EVIP OF DRAT - The Missing Adapter
Tips - Where to look for Mac Books
Know The Difference - Open Source
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - MacMarines Forum
CLASSIFIEDS - Airport Card
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - Force Quit
Good News Press Releases - And an excerpt on computer legislation from
the MacMarines

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: MacExpo, Airport, ABS, WI-FI, 802.11b, protocol, TCP-
IP, Appletalk, 10-BaseT, Megabit, Ethernet, blah, blah, blah

MacWorld Expo New York - Coming, July 17, and if you're in the area, you
should really go. ESPECIALLY if you ever feel the isolation of being a
Machead in a Windows world. Imagine, thousands of creative, artistic,
fun-loving people (like you!) all in one place, hanging out. MacExpo is a
GREAT opportunity to connect with other Mac users, talk to the people who
develop the software, get a peek at all kinds of new products, bump into
celebrities, and (my favorite) buy some new Apple shirts and hats. I
haven't seen any 'free' registration codes yet, but if you register
before June 17th, the 'exhibitions only' pass is only $15.00. If you can
afford to spend the big bucks and see the keynote (by Steve Jobs, of
course) by all means, go for it. UNPREDICTABLY recommended!!


eMac for Education is now eMac for Everyone at $1099.00 - Two months
after introducing a homely (by Apple standards) 'Education iMac' with a
700Mhz G4 processor and 17" CRT (NOT flat panel) display which would only
be sold to education clients, Apple has decided to make the machine
available to all consumers. "We can build more than we thought; we are in
the business of selling computers to people who want to buy them and
we've got a lot of customers who say they want to buy this product. Why
shouldn't we sell it to them? So we decided to change our plan," explains
Steve Jobs in an interview with C/NET. [See the Good News Press Release
at THE END.]


(9,X) Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX, and FreeHand 10
are all available now in versions that run under OH ESS TEN!! Good news
for web developers, because with this release there are very few reasons
to stick with OS9! That is, if your Mac has the RAM and HORSEPOWER to
hack TEN!


(X) Oh Ess Ten 10.1.5 - Just out, only via Software Update as of now.
More hardware drivers, more stability for Sherlock (I HOPE SO!) Sounds
like good stuff, but I haven't yet gotten CURRENT with the 25+ Mb download.

(X) Microsoft Office v.x, Service Release 1 - Bug fix, speed updates,
security updates, and 'some new features'. This is a 16+ Mb download.


For more news and updates:

Thanks to everyone who was interested in my laptops; they have both been
sold. The G4 Titanium went to Rickford, a Windows developer who HAS NEVER
OWNED A MAC! He was amazed that the new USB mouse he bought just plugged
in and worked! Yes, Rickford that's the way it's supposed to be! But
there's more! Rickford liked his TiBook so much that after only two
weeks, he went out and bought an iPod!! LUCKY DEVIL!

TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE - An email newsletter (such as
this one) can be forwarded all over the known universe with the result
that other than my 'regular' subscribers, I don't know who else is
reading U&O. That means I don't know what my 'real' readership is. If you
receive U&O and are not a subscriber, ease my curiosity and send me an
email. < chris AT Unpredictablemac dot com> I won't give or sell your address to anyone,
nor will I put you on the regular distribution unless you ask me - if I
lie, may I be condemned to use WINDOWS for all eternity!

"The Naked Truth", New Riders, 2002, by Scott Kelby
If you've been one of the enlightened for awhile, you know what it's like
to reveal your 'true' identity at a party and get hammered by PC Weenies.
You might know what it's like to walk into a CompUSA and be hassled by
the Windows Boys when you ask for the 'Apple Store Within a Store'. You
may have even been a Mac Fanatic long enough to remember and still be
angry with OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE for their unfathomably unfocused
marketing campaigns and occasionally unbelievably stupid product
decisions. Well, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Scott Kelby, founder of "Mac Design" magazine, has written a book full of
his outrageous wit, all about what it is to be a Mac user. It's
hilarious. If you're new to the Mac, there's the section on 'Things Apple
Doesn't Tell You About Owning a Macintosh', including 'you're basically
on your own to learn how to use it'. There's plenty of info on 'the two
Microsofts' - the good and the bad, of course, and there's a big section
on why you shouldn't waste time encouraging PC software companies to
write their software for the Mac. There are important secrets, such as
[Sorry Scott, I've got to spread the word!] if you really SEARCH through
the PC software section - not the puny Mac software section - at CompUSA
and other stores, you can find Games and other software hidden there that
runs on your Mac!!

It's all covered here. But the most important thing is this book's
ATTITUDE. To find out what I mean, go to Borders, pick it up and read the
chapter, 'Don't Pick Fights with People who Buy Ink by the Barrel,' where
Scott roasts PC Weenies, including the lamest Weenie of all, the 'Fake
Mac user'. If this chapter doesn't sell you on the book, maybe YOU'RE a
'Fake Mac user'!!

My one reservation about 'The Naked Truth' is its price. $19.95 US seems
like a lot for a little book. But then, it's in the COMPUTER section
after all. And to be fair, I definitely got more entertainment value out
of 'Naked Truth' than I did from the DVD of Jet Li's special effects
extravaganza, 'The One' which cost about the same.

Either way, new Mac user, old Mac fanatic, this book is an UNPREDICTABLY
RECOMMENDED summer read!


EVIP OF DRAT, the Missing Adapter
Did Apple hire an Executive Vice President in charge of Doing the Right
Thing, (sometimes referred to as an 'Evip of DRAT')? I don't know, they
never asked for MY resume after I proposed the position (U&O #41). But my
NEW PowerBook Titanium 800 was missing the 'S-Video to Composite Adapter'
that was supposed to come with it, and before I could even call OUR
FRIENDS AT APPLE, they announced a fulfillment program! If you're in the
same boat, sign up on the website with your valid Powerbook serial number
and Apple will ship you the adapter. Way to DO THE RIGHT THING!!


-- Terrible tales of misunderstood and unknown features. --
I'm sitting on my back porch, with my TiBook G4 in my lap. I'm writing
this newsletter. At the same time, I'm checking my email, and checking my
facts and URLs on the web. There are no wires connected to my laptop. I
go to iTunes, switch to a different playlist, and turn up the volume
because I want to CRANK Lucinda Williams when she sings 'Essence'. I'm
not wearing headphones and the sound doesn't come out of my laptop. The
song comes ripping out of the Onkyo-amp-powered Advent speakers, in my
living room. No wires. Whoops, just got an email from my Dad with a nice
photo of quail in snow. I think I'll use 'iView Media Pro' to print the
photo to my printer in the basement. It also has NO WIRES. HOW am I doing

I tried to explain this to someone and they said, "Batteries, right?"

UH, YEA. Of course, batteries! Laptops have had batteries forever. I'm
not talking about connecting to the power grid!!

Most people have a wire, usually a USB cable, that connects their Mac to
their printer. Or an RJ-11 phone cable to attach their Mac modem port to
their phone. Or they have an ethernet cable to connect their Mac to their
Cable Modem. Or from their Mac to their other Mac. WIRES. The million
dollar question is, sans WIRES, "How does all that information go through
the air?"

In the ol'Macky days 'wireless' might have meant 'Infra Red', but let's
face it, it was extremely limited,, nobody knew what it was (and they
still don't), and nobody used it. In this NEW MILLENIUM, we're talking
about the kind of hands-free, hassle-free connections we take for granted
with telephones. The rest of the PC industry is schlogging along, giving
this capability the generic name 'WI-FI', but the technology (as usual)
was pioneered by Apple under the name 'AirPort'. Airport broadcasts in
the same radio spectrum and with approximately the same range as wireless
home phones. Data moves at roughly the same speed as 10 Megabit Ethernet
(10-BaseT), and it works with both AppleTalk (Apple's 'old' Macintosh
network protocol) and TCP-IP (the Internet standard protocol). It works
in Oh Ess Ten and OS9. Any Mac built in the last couple years has a
built-in AirPort antenna. If you don't have AirPort, but you have one of
these 'AirPort-ready' Macs, all you have to do is plug-in the $99 Airport
card and send and receive with a Base Station.

There are a variety of base stations available from other vendors because
AirPort uses an industry standard called 802.11b, but I'm an Apple guy,
so I bought an Apple Airport Base Station (ABS $299.00). Email and
Internet are available on my laptop because in my kitchen, the built-in
56k modem in my ABS is connected to my phone line. If I had a high-speed
connection, such as ADSL or Cable, it would be attached to that. As a
bonus, the ABS lets me share my single Internet connection with my TiBook
and my iMac, at the same time! If you have an existing Ethernet LAN that
uses ANTIQUE WIRE technology, the ABS has a port to connect to that also.

What does all this wireless stuff do for me, or for you? Above all, it
offers convenience. I can move the iMac anywhere in the house that makes
sense; I can settle anywhere with my PowerBook, and I don't have to run a
bunch of ugly cables back to a hub or wall jack. If a friend drops by
with her PowerBook, she can get the same access as I, with only a few
keystrokes! It's a breeze! As long as you are within range of the ABS and
you have electricity, you can put things where you want.

Wait! I didn't cover the printing? Nor iTunes? You'll just have to wait
for the lowdown on that in some UNPREDICTABLE future issue! In the
meantime, if you're buying a new Mac, consider getting it with AirPort.
Apple and other vendors are providing all kinds of discounts and rebates
to promote this cool technology!


Mac Books - Know Where to Look!
In "Just For Fun" (above) we mention finding sofware in the PC section of
CompUSA. The same disconnected relationship is true of Mac books. Don't
be bothered by the dinkiness of the 'Macintosh' shelf in the 'Computers'
section of Borders, for example. Just ignore it for the moment and find
the web design section. There are tons of books there about Dreamweaver,
Flash, etc. and nearly all of them apply to the Mac too. Only the most
clueless of authors or their publishers would try to write and sell these
books to Windows users and exclude Mac owners!! Believe me, if you find a
book like that DON'T BUY IT!! You'll also find tons of Mac books in the
PhotoShop section, and any section about digital media, video, and even a
few in the Microsoft Office section! HAVE FUN!! :-)

Know The Difference
"Open source" software threatens security and its intellectual property:
This according to Microsoft, which apparently has been actively lobbying
the Pentagon to abandon freely-distributed computer software and adopt
its own offerings. But Redmond's powers of persuasion appear to be
lacking. A May 10 report prepared for the Defense Department concludes
that open source is often more secure and less expensive that its
proprietary counterparts and that, if anything, its use should be
expanded. "Banning open source would have immediate, broad, and strongly
negative impacts on the ability of many sensitive and security-focused
DOD groups to protect themselves against cyberattacks," said the report
by Mitre Corp.

(From the MacMarines Mail List)

And That's The Difference.

The MacMarines was originally a mail list, spun off of the EvangeList for
the true Mac activists. The list is more general now, and there is an
incipient website. They have a forum for all sorts of Mac issues. Join
and you can post your questions about hardware and software problems and
get responses from eager MacMarines around the world!


Airport Card - Barely used Apple wireless Airport Card. This is the
newest version (1.2?), comes with the original CD, instructions, box,
etc. You might find a new one discounted for $95 if you really search.
You can have this one for $55 (plus shipping if I have to send it to
you.) Send me an email if you're interested.

< chris AT Unpredictablemac dot com>

Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
I'm running out! Send me your favorites!!

(9) Force Quit a 'hung' application
You should save work in open applications and restart your Mac after
using this sequence.

(X) Bring up the 'Force Quit' Menu of running applications
With Oh Ess Ten you don't have to restart your Mac, but if you had an
application crash, you might consider sending the vendor a message
explaining how it happened, so they can fix it!

TFSB!! :-)

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TFSB :-)



** CHRIS'S UNPREDICTABLE and OCCASIONAL Newsletter for Mac Users **
Oriented towards, but not exclusively for, Mac Users in Beautiful Western
Central New Jersey. Published Unpredictably approximately every two weeks!
Sample Issue - email with "Sample Unpredictable" in the Subject.

From the MacMarines Mail List:
>Subject: Congress update: So much Internet regulation, so little time...
>From: "lore"
>Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 09:13:08 -0400
>[I think the sign post up ahead says "Twilight Zone" and I'm not
>laughing -Sarge]
>It's a busy time for regulation-happy congresscritters. Last week, the
>Senate Commerce committee approved and sent to the floor...
>Burns' "Can Spam" act:
>Wyden's national emergency technology guard bill:
>Wyden's Cyber Security Research and Development Act (CSRDA):
>Opposition to the CSRDA:
>...the Commerce committee also approved the Online Personal Privacy Act:
>...including two successful amendments...
>Brownback amendment on small business safe harbor:
>Nelson amendment, requiring "compliance officers":
>...the largely Dem-GOP party-line vote came after opposition to the bill
>from just about every business group imaginable:
>...the Senate Judiciary committee, meanwhile, last week approved:
>Feinstein's Social Security Number Misuse Prevention Act:
>..and Cantwell's Restore Your Identity Act:
>...the House Judiciary committee last week postponed votes on:
>the new "morphed" child porn bill, aka the Child Obscenity and Pormography
>Prevention Act:
>...and Goodlatte's Internet gambling bill:
>...last week, a House Judiciary subcommittee postponed consideration of:
>Coble's "to provide criminal penalties for providing false information in
>registering a domain name on the Internet" bill:
>Pence's "to punish persons who use false or misleading domain names to
>attract children to Internet sites not appropriate for children" bill:
>...on Tuesday, the full House is scheduled to vote on:
>the Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002:
>the Child Sex Crimes Wiretapping Act of 2002:


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All contents copyright 2000-2008 by Christopher Plummer, ZebraTale LLC, except where noted. Accuracy of articles is UNPREDICTABLE and not guaranteed. Unpredictable was published from 2001 to 2008. Although updated occasionally, this is a historical archive - expect dead links. Caveat lector.
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