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Contents Copyright 2002 by Christopher Plummer

OCCASIONALLY I have a hard time getting an issue out. That would be this
issue. Why? Frankly, it's SUMMER, MACEXPO is next week, I'm dealing with
'Job Issues', AND I have an UNPREDICTABLE surprise in the works that's
eating my time! So pardon this issue for being, well, maybe only slightly
glazed with fascinating Mac trivia, insightful comments, and personal
commentary of questionable merit. I know I promised to cut back on the
news, but this issue, I couldn't help myself! Remember, (9) for OS9
stuff, (X) for OSX, and neither or both if it doesn't matter. :-)

NEWS & UPDATES - Plenty of both
COMMENTARY - iCar on the MS Highway
Tips - iTunes Visuals
Know The Difference - Libertarian View of the Monopoly
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - iTunes Visuals

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: Carbon, IE, Justice, AirPort, Keynote

On a number of lists and websites, people are reacting strongly to
Apple's efforts to 'punish' sites that allegedly spread rumors about
Apple products by denying those sites Press Passes to MacWorld Expo NYC.
To those who are in a tizzy about this - swearing they will shut down
their sites, raving about First Amendment rights and so on - I say, "Go
outside and do some Chi Kung! Get some PERSPECTIVE! Why don't you try
covering the Expo from the Expo floor with the REAL PEOPLE instead of
with all your special access? I guess if you REALLY have to see the
KEYNOTE you could PAY like everyone else, couldn't you?" As for this
obvious effort by a certain 'control freak' element within Apple, I say,
"Go outside and do some Chi Kung! INHALE!! It's not your MBA or your
Marketing Degree or your Law Department or your AQUA Eunuch's, nor your
Windows converts that have kept Apple going all these years; it's the
wildly supportive 'Mac Faithful'. Think twice before you snub us. There's
definitely a WHINE element of Mac Whackers, but we're not all like that!"


Too late for the last issue!! - Apple officially apologized to Gartner
for releasing it's "Macs are 36% Cheaper" report, which was contracted
for by Apple and was 'intended for Apple internal user only'. Whoops!
Well, I still believe it. There is MORE to this story - read both links. :-)


In an effort to get more Macs into government sales, Apple has submitted
OSX for a security evaluation. This is news? The news should be that so
much of the government already uses the bug-riddled, Swiss-cheese
variations of WINDOWS from a company notorious for it's inability to
guarantee the privacy of its user's personal information!


Announced curiously within days of Apple's efforts to promote OSX to the
U.S. govenment, a hacker claims that Apple's 'Software Update' is a major
security weakness. To prove it, he has posted UTILITIES to help others to
hack OSX. Does this sound a bit like a Steve Ballmer initiative or something?


(9) Carbon Lib 1.6

(9) Authoring Support 1.1.9 - This is the software that allows you to
burn CDs from the desktop and iTunes. Support for more burners.

(X) AppleScript update 1.8.3, Networking Update 1.0, Airport Software
2.0.4, iMac Update 1.0, Repair Privileges Utility 1.0 use Software Update
System Preference. You will need to install the Networking Update first,
then run Software Update AGAIN to get the AirPort update.

**Internet Explorer 5.2.1 Released** -- In a singularly unhelpful
move, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 5.2.1 for Mac OS X
with absolutely no indication of what has changed. Installing
Internet Explorer 5.2.1 did require quitting all running
applications, which seems unnecessary, but it didn't change my
home page setting this time (others have reported differently).
We presume Microsoft fixed a bug or two, but without release notes
of any sort, it's impossible to recommend the update either way.
I'd encourage Microsoft to read "The Seven Deadly Product Release
Sins" in TidBITS-491_. [ACE]


The IE info above from TidBITS #637, 07-Jul-02. Personally, I'm still
using IE 5.1.4 because I was so disgusted with what I heard about the
original 5.2 release. [See O&U #48]

(X) Keyboard Maestro 1.1.3 - Several improvements have been added since
this utility was reviewed in our last issue: "It's now easy as 1, 2, 3 to
Restart or Shutdown you computer, put your computer to Sleep, Activate
your Screen Saver, and Open or Close the CD Tray. Program Switcher
feature no longer has a use limitation in the Lite version." Shareware -
check out the Lite version for free!


Remember the 'full' version of KM is normally $20.00 but we've arranged a
special discount for UNPREDICTABLE readers: Use the special URL below,
and save $3.00! (You only get the discount and UNPREDICTABLE only gets a
commission if you buy it through It's a long URL, you may
have to copy/paste it into your browser if it wraps:


If you can't get that URL to work, you can still get the discount by
paying through and specifying the coupon code
"UnpredictableMac" (minus the quotes). [Does this mean that KM is going
to get free advertising in UNPREDICTABLE? Maybe once in awhile. Do YOU
work for free? :-) -Chris]

For more news and updates:


Welcome aboard to new subscriber Beverly! Has anyone checked out the
Short Hills Apple store? Send me a note. It's not in Beautiful Central
Western New Jersey, so it may be awhile before I get there.

YIKES! It's WEDNESDAY! A week from now I'll be at MacExpo!! Be sure to
say, 'Hi!' if you see me there! I'll be signing up new subscribers
wherever I can bully them into giving me their email addresses. :-)

Mostly I want it to be a BIG ISSUE, FULL OF FUN STUFF and PATRIOTIC
about MacExpo. So #50 may be a few weeks away! What will MacExpo bring?
Gosh, I shouldn't speculate, because I might have my press pass revoked

But I will anyway. My sources indicate that Apple will be introducing
another venture OUTSIDE of Macintosh called the 'iCAR'. Yep, those whacky
folks in the Industrial Design group have come up with an Apple Branded
Automobile!! There is little known about it, except that it will be solar
powered, electric, and will undoubtedly be mostly either SILVER or WHITE.
Some have speculated that the driver seat will be mounted high on a pole
above the vehicle, to provide better visibility, and to provide a safe
place from which to jump in the event of an impending collision. Although
this means that the vehicle may look somewhat like a gigantic version of
the bicycle-helmet iMac, sources mysteriously suggest a better place to
find Jonathan Ives' inspiration for the new design would be in Dr. Sues's
'Green Eggs and Ham'.

On the heels of this rumor, Microsoft has announced that in addition to
inventing the Internet, they also invented highways and roads. They have
already secured the trademarks for these two items and their law team has
nearly reached an agreement with the Bush administration whereby the U.S.
Government will obtain a license to control and maintain all highways and
roads in the United States for an undisclosed annual fee paid to
Microsoft. In order to negotiate a discount of this fee, the government
agreed to use the State Department to assist Microsoft in obtaining
similar agreements from all other nations, and in fact, in precedent-
setting terms, anywhere IN THE UNIVERSE where roads can be found!


Had a long day? Need a break? Just want some action on your screen while
you work on something else? Load iTunes and Check out the AWESOME (dare I
say 'psychedelic'?) 'Visuals' creator that's built into iTunes. You can
use it as a 'screen saver' if you want. Don't worry if you've never
'ripped' MP3s, it works without music! This little utility seems to get
better with each release of iTunes (except for them adding the DUMB Apple
Logo which appears randomly every so often to remind the world just what
company is mesmerizing you).

Launch iTunes and from the Visuals Menu select 'Turn Visuals On'. There
are other items on the Visuals menu for you to experiment with, but first
check out the 'Options' button, which is only available when Visuals are
On. There are a couple selections here that you can use to tweak the
display if you have a slower Mac, or if you want to display song info as
if the visuals were an MTV-style video. (Of course you have to HAVE the
song info, which iTunes can get for you, but let's save that for another

I don't know why, but the longer you let iTunes visuals run, the more
variable (and complex?) the visuals become. Or maybe it just SEEMS that
way, because my brain can definitely use this as a
relaxation tool. Of course, for the best visual effect you need music to
go with it. You can play your MP3s of course, but iTunes will also
generate effects - on the fly - from Audio CDs!

So get your hands on Anoushka Shankar's 'Live at Carnegie Hall', on
Angel, settle down comfortably somewhere that you can see your Mac's
screen, turn the Visuals 'On', and journey to another place and time!

iLove iTunes!

Know The Difference
True 'Libertarians' have a slightly different take on the Justice
Department's 'assault' on Microsoft. They don't like it. But do they like
Microsoft? Read one perspective here:


And That's The Difference.

Airport Card - STILL available. Barely used Apple wireless Airport Card.
Comes with the original CD, instructions, box, mounting board for iMacs,
etc. You might find a new one discounted for $95 if you really search.
You can have this one for $55 (plus shipping if I have to send it to
you.) Send me an email if you're interested.

< chris AT Unpredictablemac dot com>

Special Bonus Keyboard Commands

[Command]+T - Toggles 'Visuals' On and Off
[Command]+F - Toggles 'Visuals' to Full Screen, or a Window

Obviously if Visuals are not 'On' switching from Screen to Window does
nothing - until you turn them 'On'.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Jeez! Get with the program!!
iTunes will do SO MUCH for you. See the Tip above. :-)

TFSB :-)

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TFSB :-)



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