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CHRIS'S UNPREDICTABLE and OCCASIONAL Newsletter for MAC USERS # 51, 09/17/02
Contents Copyright 2002 by Christopher Plummer

We're catching up with Jaguar, it's time for a Geek Speak Review,
there's some reader feedback-including a tip on a Mac Accounting package
for small businesses, plenty more Mac trivia, insightful comments, and
personal commentary of questionable merit. We're leaning more toward X,
and you can still find what relates by looking for the (9) for OS9, (X)
for TEN, and neither or both for those. REMEMBER - I try to keep it
short; you're here to GET WHAT YOU NEED. Skip around. Skip it all. Life
is short! See you next time!

NEWS AND UPDATES - Aloha Jag! Jag on Intel?
Jaguar Skinned -What's it all about, Apple?
UNPREDICTABLE READER FEEDBACK - Mac Accounting for small biz, Jag feedback
GEEK SPEAK REVIEW - Menu Items, Clean Install, Eunuch, et al.
Tips - Clean Install for Jag
Know The Difference - No Menu Items allowed in Jag - but wait!!
Free Stuff - More iMovie transitions
Dirty Little Secrets - Gad, Watson! Who is this Sherlock?
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - Shift Click in 9, X, and Win
Special Offer - Discount for you discount for me
Good News Press Releases - Lots of Jaggy stuff.

GEEK SPEAK ALERT: Menu Item, Jaguar, Clean Install

(X) Dantz Retrospect 5.0.536 - Jag compatibility fix.

(9, X) PowerMail Update to 4.01 - mostly bug fixes

Hawaiian language advocates applaud new Mac operating system - "Mac OS
10.2 operating system allows users to type two characters essential to
the Hawaiian written language." This might be useful to at least ONE
Unpredictable subscriber...

OSX on Intel? Call it 'Marklar' - There have been rumors for YEARS that
Apple was going to make the Mac OS run in some way on Intel's processors.
Although it's very doubtful that Apple would ever allow the OS to run
directly on Dell or Gateway PCs, switching to the Intel processor would
at least 'level the field' in the Megahertz wars, where Intel clearly
maintains a lead. Intel chips are currently running at over 2 Gigahertz,
while Motorola G4 chips on Macs top out at about HALF that speed. My
feeling is that NOBODY needs that 2.5 Gig (or can even tell the
difference), and in the Mac world, processor clock speed doesn't tell the
whole story. But for engineering wireheads who only see the NUMBERS, the
clock is all that matters!

For more news and updates:


Jaguar - What it is, What it does, What it costs.
The marketing folks call it Jaguar; it will probably go down in history
as 10.2. 'Jaguar' is the latest major update of Apple's Oh Ess Ten. I
hope we don't keep saying this, because I think we've said it with the
last two or three releases, but Jaguar is 'The first release of Oh Ess
Ten that is really READY TO ROLL.' What makes it different?

It adds hardware support for 2-D graphics with 'Quartz Extreme'. It
includes Apple's cute special AOL compatible Instant Messaging client,
"iChat". Sherlock 3 now clones the "Watson" interface and functionality
(see'Dirty Little Secrets' below), and the 'Find' function is built right
into Finder windows (where it belongs!). It adds a new 'System Level'
Address Book, accessible to other applications such as iChat and Mail and
iCal. (An excellent move in the tradition of Apple playing nice with
everyone.) 'iCal' the new, freely downloadable calendaring and
scheduling program from Apple, requires 10.2. (A little more on iCal in
our next issue.) The formerly lame email client 'Mail' is reported to be
enhanced in many ways! "Ink" means handwriting recognition if you happen
to have a 'tablet' input device. There's 'Rendezvous' which finds
printers and other TCP-IP network devices automatically. And the Finder
gets pop-open folders and is supposedly faster. Apple's website also
touts much more Windows compatibility (which is great if you work for a
Big Dumb Corporation) and Apple spends a whole page on the 'bullet-proof'
UNIX underpinnings of TEN.

Here's a quote from the UNIX page on OSX: "Jaguar Developer Tools
includes a BSD SDK that contains additional libraries and headers that
overlap with other APIs so you can compile many common applications out
of the box. Finally, you can change bin/sh to bash and use python and
ruby to create and run cross-platform scripts."

I hope you find that as EXCITING as I do!! (JK, JK)

So what's the Jaguar bottom line? Remember OS9? We got voice recognition
passwords, which didn't work too well, multiple user access, which was
extremely complicated, a Keychain which worked some of the time, and some
other goodies. It sounded cool, but after you paid your money and tried
to use it, you had to ask yourself, "Gosh, I don't really use all that
fancy stuff, but at least I got a good, stable, working OS9. Didn't I??

If you have not migrated to X yet, Jaguar gives you more reasons to do
so. If you're already using 10.1?? Me, I'll keep using my 'Proteus'
instant messaging client, my 'PowerMail' mail client, my 'Watson', and
my 'Now Up-to-Date' and 'Now Calendar'. I'm glad that Rendezvous and the
Finder in 10.2 begin to achieve parity with the Chooser and the Finder of
five years ago, and for awhile longer I'll continue to be an unfriendly
Mac in a Windows world. For now, I'll save the $100 or so dollars I'd
have to pay for Jaguar (shop around - with rebates you can get it for
less than the $120 list). Unpredictably, I'm waiting. Show me a
compelling reason to invade Iraq, er.. I mean to upgrade to Jaguar, and
I'll consider making the change. Until then, you early adopters keep me
filled in on your progress while I wait for the first bug fix!! :-)

More on Jaguar:

MacWorld's review of Jaguar:
TidBITs - "Interesting Bits of Jaguar"

Mac Solutions for Businesses - Excel Developer Bob writes: [in U&O #50]
"You mention QuickBooks..there is a real Mac alternative. It's been
around almost forever: Multiledger. I have used it since version 1 to
manage my business, and I have it installed at several clients. It has
been flawless. The customer support is great. They also have a companion
payroll package that is also great that posts payroll transactions
automatically to Multiledger. I don't know why this isn't a better known
package. There are also PC versions which in the multi user
configurations can access the same set of books no matter which system it
is resident on. Those people looking for a good, solid straightforward
Mac accounting package ought to check it out. "

[The site has links to other Mac business products including POS (point-
of-sale) systems. --Chris]

Jaguar Reports from Early Adopters -
PowerBook Tenor called to let me know, "Jaguar is okay. I don't see the
dramatic speed increase, except maybe in iPhoto, which is definitely
faster. And I'm using OmniWeb and Apple's Mail App, which puts me one
step closer to having a Microsoft-free Mac!"

PotBelliDeliMan from Hawaii writes, "Jaguar was very easy to install, and
they've changed the dial-in icon. Instead of the phone with the dots,
once you are connected, it puts a timer on the menu, indicating how long
you have been connected!"

OS9 - An extremely advanced operating system that worked great most of the time, had a beautiful interface refined over 15 years of use by a receptive Apple, including sharp text on screen, and an EXTREMELY EASY TO USE printer environment. OS9 served as the model for all one hundred and twenty-seven recent versions of the Windows operating system. It is only with great reluctance and under extreme pressure that the Apple EUNUCH faction has finally implemented in X, some features and functionality that were taken for granted in 9.

Menu Items - (X) In Apple's case these are icons that don't need millions of colors, don't need thousands of colors, don't even need 16 colors. These icons, brought to us no doubt by the (NOT) super-creative, (NOT) user-oriented, EUNUCH faction at APPLE, sit on the Menu bar with about as much depth and graphic intensity as the icons on a cell phone. You've seen them. These are the Sound Volume, Modem Status, AirPort, and Script Menu icons. (You can add or remove these from your menu in the corresponding System Preference--"Sound" for 'Sound Volume', and so on.) Third parties have created a number of other Menu Item icons, either as replacements for Apple's lame ones, or for their own use. See 'Know the Difference' (below) for more on Menu Items in X and Jag.

Clean Install - At some point in its past Apple incorporated a 'Clean Install' option in System Installers. Any system, especially Mac Systems owned by Mac Geeks (MGs), get mucked up with Preferences, extensions, and all kinds of feature customizing add-ins, temporary files, and so on, that contribute in varying degrees to instability in the Mac system. By default, a System Installer of a new update puts the new system into the 'old' System Folder, mixing the new stuff with all the old junk.
Hoping that this default install will "fix all Apple's bugs'", the classic MG, soon discovers his System still crashes or hangs. In the next step, the MG intiates a 'Clean Install'. This option inserts a brand spanking new version of the System Folder on the same drive (but not the same folder) as the old one. It even politely labels the old System, 'Previous System Folder'. Mr. MG, restarts, finds his Mac works great. And he should probably stop there. But, he's a geek. He picks through the extraneous junk in the Previous System Folder, moving it to the clean new folder. He Restarts. Get the picture? The closer to a 'Clean Install' the more likely the System will be stable.

Instability - Euphemism for the likelihood that a system or application will crash or hang, i.e. "Windows is inherently unstable." In other words, a 'stable system', doesn't crash or hang...much.
MG - Mac Geek, the best kind of Geek there is. Sometimes referred to as a 'Mac Whacker' or 'Mac Head'. Unix and Linux geeks are okay too. PC Geeks don't qualify as 'geeks'. They're properly called: "PC Weenies", and per Scott Kelby, get roasted in all good Mac publications.

EUNUCH - Another name for a Unix geek. Unpredictable refers OCCASIONALLY to 'the EUNUCH faction at Apple'. In case you think I'm bashing the EUNUCH faction at Apple too much, make no mistake. Apple is going full- bore to assimilate the UNIX world. Hired into Apple to make OSX, many of these folks are command-line fanatics with little comprehension of the interface ease and simplicity the average Mac user expects. Please Apple! Indoctrinate them for three months with an early iMac running OS9, and then make them take at least one semester of English as a Second Language (ESL) before they are even allowed to suggest an 'enhancement' to TEN.

(X) OUR FRIENDS AT APPLE have improved the installation process somewhat,
and you can now do a 'clean install' with Jaguar, similar to what we used
to do with OS9. See the Geek Speak Review (above) if you don't realize
how IMPORTANT this is. Here's an article about how to do a 'clean
install' with Jag.

Know The Difference
(X) OH ESS TEN 10.x versus JAGUAR (10.2) - In Jaguar, there are NO MORE
MENU ITEMS. YES, going from NINE to X, Apple took away the Apple menu,
they took away the Application Menu, and they stuck us with the Dock.
Apple put the Airport and Modem Status and Sound Volume controls up on
the menu as 'Menu Items'. Mac developers wrote stuff to go on the Menu
bar too. But Apple doesn't want to play any more. They say, "You can use
the DOCK, but keep your hands off the menu bar!" In Jaguar, only APPLE
gets to put things up there. But you still don't have to settle for
these junky Apple icons, thanks to the folks at UNSANITY software. You
can keep using your Menu Items with Unsanity's 'MenuExtraEnabler' hack
that fixes Apple's fix!!


And That's The Difference.

(9, X) iMovie 2 - Apple provides free additional transitions (as
mentioned in U&O #50) and so does the company, 'GeeThree'. They have 9
free plug-ins for iMovie available for download. From their web site,
follow the links with the '9 Plug-ins for FREE' button.

Dirty Little Secrets
(X) Sherlock in Jaguar clones 'Watson'
'Watson' is a truly awesome product in the grand tradition of Mac
products that push the limit and open people's minds to something
different. What is it? A non-browser client that pulls information from
the Web. Want to know what movies are showing in your neighborhood?
Watson will obtain a list, provide you with times, a review, and if you
like, play the trailer. Want to track a package? Watson can get you the
info from the major carriers without opening your browser. Other
'channels' include weather, recipes, stocks, Yahoo and Google search,, and more. When it makes sense, information retrieved in
Watson will launch the appropriate page in your browser. It has a
beautiful interface, you can try it for free, or buy it for $29.00 US.
Check it out:


If you want to see what Watson looks like and you have Jaguar, just go to
Sherlock 3. Apple must have purchased or licensed rights to Watson,
because Sherlock 3 is a twin of Watson. Right? If you poke around the
Watson site, you'll find that, no, even though Apple awarded Karelia a
design award for Watson, they didn't pay them ANYTHING for copying the
interface and funcionality of Watson. How can this be? Historically Apple
PAYS for enhancements to the system invented by creative third parties.
There's a long list of System enhancements in OS9 that originated
elsewhere, including the Internet Control Panel and going all the way
back to 'MultiFinder', which was written by Andy Hertzfeld AFTER he left

I can only guess that Apple has hired some lawyers from Microsoft, who
are used to playing by their own rules as they make them up. Or maybe the
u-no-who faction at Apple, coming from the world of 'open source', are so
busy patting themselves on the back for the great job they did with the
'Print Center' in Oh Ess Ten that they didn't notice that Watson was
*not* Open Source.

If you have any interest in getting Apple to DO THE RIGHT THING and
compensate Karelia for stealing the whole Watson interface down to the
SERVICES OFFERED and sticking them on Sherlock 3, send an email to Oh Ess
Ten feedback (below). Tell them that UNPREDICTABLE sent you!



Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
(9,X) I offer this for both versions of the OS in case you didn't know
about using the [shift] key with clicking in Finder views. If you haven't
tried this, DO! If you're used to using this technique and you go to TEN,
you might get a bit frustrated.

From Apple's Knowledgebase, Article #106201
"Mac OS X 10.0: Use Command Key to Select Multiple Items in List and
Column Views"

"The behavior of the Shift key when used to make a selection in the
Finder has changed between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Holding down the Shift
key while you click in List view selects the first and second items, and
all items in between. Press the Command key before clicking to select
multiple noncontiguous items in Mac OS X for List and Column views. (In
Mac OS 9 and earlier, pressing the Shift key while in List view allowed
you to select multiple noncontiguous items.)"

In fact, substitute [Command] for [Control] on a Windows PC, and the
functionality is the same as X. Why would Apple do this? Either the folks
who wrote the Finder for OSX were more familiar with Windows than with
Mac OS9 - possible - OR this is just one of those ugly little compromises
that Apple made to give Windows users an easier transition to Oh Ess Ten.

Special Offer
(9, X) Save TEN dollars on the PowerMail client, used by CHRIS. PowerMail
is developed by an independent company in Switzerland; it offers an
excellent user interface very similar to the venerable eMailer,
scripting, advanced searching and filtering, multi-language support and
more; it also supports both OS9 and Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). Download a
free limited trial version from <>

Until September 30th, you can buy PowerMail at a specially discounted
price of US$ 39 by using this URL:


[If you buy PowerMail using this URL, I get a discount on my next
upgrade! - Chris]



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