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Contents Copyright 2003 by Christopher Plummer

HAPPY 2003!! OCCASIONALLY I can get an issue out QUICK!!! Here it is for you, a special MacWorld Expo SF issue, with fascinating Mac trivia, insightful comments, and personal commentary of questionable merit. If it relates to TEN, it's (X), to NINE it's (9) and both or neither for both or neither!! Oh, and BTW, this issue, I DON'T leave Microsoft alone! :-)

UPDATES - Jaguar 10.2.3, iCal 1.0.2, and many more!
Weird NEWS - It's all Microsoft, I can't help it!
UNPREDICTABLE READER FEEDBACK - Back Issues on the Web a hit!
MacWorld Expo SF Special Report - Meet the iLife!
Just for Fun - Javascript Clock
Tips - Keychain First Aid, iBook Power ButtonGEEK SPEAK ALERT:

Geek Speak Alert: Google


(X) Apple Jaguar 10.2.3 - Lots of fixes and enhancements. 51 Mb available via Software Update System Preference, or via an 'Updater' package.

(X - Jaguar only) Apple iCal 1.0.2 - What happened to 1.0.1? Gone already. Be sure to GET CURRENT as updates beyond 1.0 have speed and bug fixes and a few 'enhancements' too. This does not (as yet) appear in Software Updates. Download it manually.

Apple iPod Software 1.2.1 - "adds significant enhancements and new features to iPod. Some features require iTunes 3 or later." Available through Software Update.

(X) iSync 1.0 - First 'official' release, required for compatibility with iCal 1.0.2.

Check for more updates at <>.

Weird NEWS
Microsoft Loses Preliminary Java Battle - Microsoft has been ordered to include the Java virtual machine as a standard part of Windows installations. Java, a platform independent environment, has long been seen by MS as a threat to Windows and MS domination of the Internet. In his decision, Judge J. Frederick Motz sites numerous examples of how Microsoft attempted to use its monopoly power to destroy the Sun Microsystems product. Gosh, a judge actually holding Microsoft up to the LAW? This guy must have been appointed by a previous administration or something...

Microsoft's strategy for fighting the Open Source flood in governments and big companies. Revealed in the latest edition of the "Halloween Memorandum".

Microsoft's former phone company partner in the UK, Sendo, is suing them up the wazoo for just about everything you can imagine. A business partner of Microsoft that feels they were screwed? Is this new? Quick, get a battalion of lawyers into the breach!!

More News: <>

Some readers take my advice. Graphic Artist Pam writes:
>Happy New Year! I really like your website, it looks great and I like
>having access to back issues.

Welcome new subscriber, "Verizon Guy", but send me an email with your real name so I can update my Address Book. Can you vcard?

Google - A web search site. Google provides excellent, fast searches. You can even search the "Mac oriented" version of Google which will screen out PC/Windows dreck when you want to search for something that might have to do with multiple platforms. Watson users can use the Google plug-in to search directly from Watson.

Sync - Short for "synchronize". As in, get all the same data into the same files, or on the same devices. In the Windows world, and on systems such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange a similar function is called "replicating".

MacWorld Expo SF Special Report
Just finished watching the postage stamp size Quicktime video of Steve Job's keynote. Apple must have done a great job of squelching leaks this time because everyone predicted a boring keynote giving Steve the perfect chance to do the ol' "Watch, while I pull a rabbit outta my hat" routine. And he did. Here are my VERY SHORT scribbles.

(This should go under "Weird News".) The super iBook Goretex Ski Jacket with sleeve controls, just $499.

Final Cut Express, for $299, most of the high-end video editing features of "Pro" for way less.

"iLife" - Integration of "i" Apps - iTunes music libary available within iPhoto for slideshows, iPhoto upgraded to version 2, iMovie to version 3 - gets "chapters", "Ken Burns Effect" for panning over still photos, and precise audio editing, direct import to iDVD, iDVD version 3 picks up chapters from iPhoto and creates scene selections automatically. DVD disks reduced to $3 each by 5-pack. The iLife suite now bundled with all new Macs starting Jan. 25. All free in downloads except iDVD, you can purchase as a $49 package retail for ALL.

"Safari" - NEW Apple web browser. Fastest on the Mac. Websites from Address Book integrated into Bookmarks. Beta available for download now. Based on KHTML Open Source engine, upgraded by Apple, and all the Apple upgrades will be released to the open source community. (Sounds altruistic by Apple, but this is actually part of how "open source" is supposed to work!)

"Keynote" - Presentation app. Built for Steve. Beta tested by Steve. For presentation. Why not sell it? Supports virtually every graphics file format. Imports and exports Powerpoint, PDF, & Quicktime. XML-based open file format. $99, available today.

17" Display Powerbook G4, same display as the 17" iMac and still only one inch thick, 1440 x 900 wide-screen, backlit keyboard (yes, they light up! And auto-sensing. They know to do it when the room gets dark). 6.8 lbs. Aircraft aluminum, 1 Gig G4, GeForce 440 Go graphics, FireWire 800 (twice as fast), 1 Gig ethernet, Bluetooth and Airport "Extreme" 802.11 G, 54Mbs built-in. Bundled with Quickbooks Pro for X, $3299. Will ship in February.

New TINY 12" PowerBook - Full keyboard, 867 MHz G4, Combo drive, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth, 256 Mb RAM, bundled w/Quickbooks for X, $1799. Will ship "in about 2 weeks". Build to order - SuperDrive available for $1999.

Airport Extreme Base Station - 50 Users, wireless bridging, USB printing (attach printer to USB port on the Base Station!!) $199.00

Go to Apple's site to get all the details!



Just for Fun
Check this Javascript clock. Works with IE, not with OmniWeb. Your mileage may vary.

** Terrible tales of misunderstood and unknown features

Syncing Software - Syncing Devices

(X) iSync - O&U but coming on strong. Once again I'm harping on the "unified" and choice-enabled structure built-in to the Mac OS. In this case I'm talking about Calendaring (using iCal) and the Address Book (using Apple's Address Book, or any Address Book compatible application, such as PowerMail,) and the connection to digital devices.

In a nutshell, you maintain your personal and/or public Calendar in iCal, you can upload("publish") it to .Mac so that other people can access it from the web. You can also dowload ("subscribe" ) to other public calendars, which might include concert or sports schedules and other public events, as well as the schedules of other .Mac members.

In your Address Book, you maintain "Contact" information including email addresses, instant messaging ids, phone numbers, fax numbers, and web sites that are then used by your mail client, chat client, fax software, and/or other Address Book compatible Contact manager (Organizer) software.

And except for iCal, this stuff is all stuck in your Mac. Right? WRONGO!!

You can get this information into your Palm OS PDA, iPod (yes the MP3 Music Playing goodie from Apple!), and/or your cell phone. There are Applescripts that will 'Sync' your Address Book with Entourage, Now Up-To-Date, and Palm Desktop, as well as with the iPod, and then there are software/hardware combinations that will connect your Palm device and sync with it. Apple is aiming to do the whole job with iSync. And iSync adds the ability to sync one Mac with another over the Internet.

How does it all work? I don't know!! Because I don't want a Palm, don't have an iPod, and can only get a Sony Ericsson T68ji to work on T-Mobile, the cell network here on the East Coast with the poorest coverage. Once we get Verizon or AT&T's networks fully upgraded to support the right protocols for the Sony Ericsson T68i, I'LL BUY ONE!! Depending on who you speak to, this is a few months to a year away...

In the meantime, if you have one of these other devices, GET ON BOARD with this awesome technology! Think of it, you only have to update your Contacts (phone numbers) or Calendar in ONE PLACE and it gets updated everywhere!! The other missing piece is getting all the Organizer software and email client companies to support the Apple Address Book and iCal (which uses not a proprietary standard owned by a monopoly, but open Internet standards available to all - iCalendar and vCalendar). This is going to happen fast and is far more useful than the dopey games, music downloads, and digital photo features that are being used to market the new cell phones and PDAs.

Here's the iSync Device Compatibility list:

Palm Desktop info:

Did I mention that iSync is FREE??


(X) Keychain First Aid - Duplicate passwords in a keychain, Mail & iChat prompting users for passwords after saving to the keychain, .Mac password not retained in the .Mac tab of the Internet preference pane. These are some of the issues that can be fixed by the Keychain First Aid utility. Info:

(9, X) Tip from Typesetter John:
iBook Users - The iBook power switch is a bit tricky. If you just press it without paying attention, it may not seem to work. There seems to be a 'toggle switch' underneath, so when you use the switch, make sure you feel the click. In troublesome situations where you need to reboot, it's good to know you actually pressed the button properly! [Thanks John!—Chris]



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