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Contents Copyright 2003 by Christopher Plummer

WAIT! Where's the article about the bizarre synchronicity of hard drive failures in Western Central New Jersey?? Allright, Nils, allright. I couldn't get it into this issue. Soon. And the Unpredictable web site - yes, I'm about 3 issues behind in getting it current. Hopefully this week I'll get back in synch. Meanwhile, enjoy this increasingly Oh Ess Ten oriented issue full of fascinating Mac trivia, insightful comments, and personal commentary of questionable merit. :-)

UPDATES - (X) tons for TEN
NEWS - Mac price reductions
UNPREDICTABLE READER FEEDBACK - Just the usual accolades
Tips - (X) Safari Google Searches and CMs
Know The Difference - Columbia Photo Info
Ed Corner - (X) Get iLife!
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - (9) Low End Mac
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - (X) Safari Snapback trick

Geek Speak Alert:
haxsie, Starfire, dogcow, Carbon, Cocoa (not again!)

Safari - Update 1.0 Beta (v60) 2-13-03

Mac OS X 10.2.4 Update (Combo)

iDVD 2.1 Update

You can find all these updates from here:

iLife - iMovie 3.0.1 (88.8 Mb download) and

iPhoto - 3.0

Check for more updates at <>.

Mac Price Reductions: The 15" Flat panel iMac has been bumped up to 800Mhz G4 and dropped to $1299. For $1799 the 17" model iMac gets a 1 Ghz G4, 256 Mb RAM, and a 4x SuperDrive (CD-RW/DVD-R) and is Airport Extreme and Bluetooth ready (meaning you can add those options for $100 and $50 respectively). Finally, the eMac, which remember, has a G4 processor, has dropped to $999 (call it a grand). And hey, rarely mentioned, but still available, the G3 SNOW iMac, more or less part of the original "retro" design, can still be had for $799.


More News: <>.

Just the usual Accolades (Thanks!)

haxsie - Generic term (at this point almost exclusively used by Unsanity Software) to describe a "hack" to Oh Ess Ten . "There are some great Haxsies out there, but my system is more stable without them."

** Terrible tales of misunderstood and unknown features
(9, X) Contextual Menus - Unpredictable veterans will note I went on and on about CMs some time ago, but haven't mentioned them in awhile. In the context of Internet applications you should remember to [Control]+Click on email addresses, URLs, and such and JUST SEE what kind of menu choices pop up. If you haven't tried this YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!

For example, I'm looking at a web page in Safari and there's a URL. I [Control]+Click (or "Right Click" with a 2 button mouse) and I get a bunch of choices, such as "Open link in New Window", which could be convenient. Or if I want to tell someone about that link, I select "Copy Link to Clipboard", click over to my email program, [Control]+Click there, and select "Paste" , and this: <> is what appears on my page!! And I did it all without ever going to the Menu bar!

At one time I harped at Apple about the silly placement of the Services sub menu, buried underneath the Application menu in OS TEN. After all, the items that appear as Services are almost ALL items that would make perfect sense as Contextual Menus. Like what? Well, how about these choices, which are all available when I select a chunk of text: "Create a new Sticky Note", "Speak Text", or even "Mail/Send selection". These can be pretty useful choices! Unfortunately, with "Services" I have to:
1) Select something
2) mouse up to the Menu Bar
3) Select the Application menu and
4) Select the "Services" submenu before I can even get started!
How UN-MACLIKE!!! I should be able to just select my text, [Control]+Click, and Ta DAAAA! My Services submenu appears with all my choices.

Thank goodness someone out there with the skills to make a difference has
done just that, keep reading...

(X) - ICeCoffEE 1.3.1

Gee there's a lot of nostalgia in this issue! Users from the Old Mackie Days will remember the cool Extension "ICeTEe", which really began the whole System level response to URLs that now exists in OS9 as the Internet Control Panel, and in OS TEN as the "Internet" System Preference. Imagine, in THOSE DAYS, EVERY application had to have its own record of your email address, browser, passwords, etc. [This topic was covered pretty thoroughly in "Overlooked and Underused" WAY BACK in U&O #10, "Special Internet Issue #1". Available on Unpredictable Mac, <>. ]

My point? Oh. Right. There's a TRULY FREE "haxsie" called ICeCoffEE which does a couple of terrific things. First, it puts the Services submenu WHERE IT BELONGS, in a Contextual Menu. (Hooray!) It also optionally lets you put the Services menu in a better place, as a TOP LEVEL menu on the Menu bar!! (Double Hooray!) Unfortunately, these features only work in COCOA applications. (Boo!) That means, applications that are written in OS TEN's "Cocoa" programming environment, of which there are not as many as we would like. PowerMail is Carbon, Excel is mostly Carbon, Now Up-To- Date is Carbon. Safari, Omni Outliner, they're Cocoa. Oh well, it's a start. <>

ALSO implemented in ICeCoffEE just as in ICeTEe, the ability to [Command]+ Click on a a URL in almost any (Cocoa) application and have your Mac respond with the appropriate mail, browser, or other Internet program. Why did I label this an O&U article for Ten AND NINE?? Because NINE is FULL of Contextual Menus. If you're not using them, you're really missing out on all kinds of great shortcuts. You NINE users should check them out. And then JOIN US on the other side. JAGUAR IS GOOD. BECOME ONE OF US. WE LIKE JAGUAR. :-)

(X) SAFARI - Safari has Google searching built right-in. You can type a search phrase right at the upper right section of the button bar. But get this, there's a Google search CM (That's short for Contextual Menu in case you foolishly skipped the previous article! Go ahead, read it, then come right back...)

1) Select any non-linked text in a web page
2) [Control]+[Click]
3) In the Contextual Menu select "Google Search"
Watch what happens!!:-)

Know The Difference

1) The "Starfire" Columbia photo came from an "11 year old Mac", not a super-powered Defense Department telescope.
2) So it could be one of around 50 Mac models introduced in 1992... Details follow...


[From a post on the MacMarines mail list.]

>Subject: Re: Columbia
>From: "James Rohde"
>Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 06:06:44 -0500
>On 02/13/2003 6:00 PM, MacMarines List wrote:
>>Re: Columbia
>>From: "Edwin Togami"
>>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 05:52:54 -0500
>>This is the caption from a Yahoo News Photo.
>>Rick Cleis, an optical engineer at the Starfire Optical Range at
>>Kirtland Airforce Base in Albuquerque, N.M., talks about his photo of
>>the space shuttle Columbia,Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2003. Cleis, Maj.
>>Robert Johnson, and Roger Petty set up a commercially available 3
>>1/2-inch telescope and digital camera along with an 11-year-old
>>Macintosh (news - web sites) computer on their time off to track the
>>Columbia as it passed over New Mexico.
>If it's 11 years old, that would make it one of these:
>Mac LC II
>Mac IIvx
>Mac IIvi
>Quadra 950
>PowerBook 160
>PowerBook 180/c
>PowerBook Duo 210 or
>PowerBook Duo 230
>Performa 200
>Performa 250
>Performa 275
>Performa 400, 405, 410, 430
>Performa 450
>Performa 460, 466, 467
>Performa 475, 476
>Performa 520
>Performa 550, 560
>Performa 575, 576, 577, 578
>Performa 580CD, 588CD
>Performa 600, 600CD
>Performa 630, 630CD, 631CD, 635CD, 636, 636CD, 637CD, 638CD, 640CD
>Performa 5200CD, 5210CD, 5215CD, 5220CD, 5260CD, 5260/120, 5270CD, 5280,
>5300CD, 5320CD
>Performa 5400CD, 5400/160, 5400/180, 5430, 5440
>Performa 6110CD, 6112CD, 6115CD, 6116CD, 6117CD, 6118CD
>Performa 6200CD, 6205CD, 62190CD, 6214CD, 5216CD, 6218CD, 6220CD, 6230CD,
>6260CD, 6290CD, 6300CD, 6310CD, 6320CD
>Performa 6360
>Performa 6400/180, 6400/200, 6410, 6420
>which were the ones intro'd in 1992.
>Jim Rohde

Holy DogCow!! Were there really that many Mac models introduced in 1992? See "Occasional Favorite Web Site" (below).

And That's The Difference.

Ed Corner
TEACHERS!! The "X for Teachers" promotion, in which teachers get Jaguar truly for FREE, has been extended to March 31. If you haven't taken advantage of this program yet, WHY NOT?? Even if you already bought TEN last year, you could join the program just to get the 90 Days of Free Support!!

Apple is also offering you lucky folks the iLife CD (iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD) and Keynote (presentation program) for $14.95. Hey. Apple can't always sell Macs for less than the beige bombs from Dell, but Apple likes the Education market. You can't beat these prices.



If you really insist on hanging onto that old Mac, "Low End Mac" is a great resource. Besides articles about GETTING CURRENT, they have tons of info about keeping older Macs running, upgrading, tweaking, and hacking them, and lots of advertisers with sources for used Macs, parts etc. They also have a fascinating collection of Apple History pages. For example, you can see a timeline of Apple Computer for the year 1992. WHOA. Ancient Mac Heads! Read this and your eyes will glaze over. Ah, THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!

Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
(X) SAFARI - Like the "Snapback" feature? That 's the orange button in the right of the address window that lets you "snap" to the top level after you've drilled down into a website. Safari sets the "Snapback" for you automatically, but you can make any page a 'Snapback'. With your chosen "Snapback" page loaded, just use this keyboard combination:



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