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Contents Copyright 2003 by Christopher Plummer

IF YOU WAIT LONG ENOUGH there will always be news you MUST write about. So once again, my intention to forget the news is abandoned. But if you want the details, hit the links because we're here to SAVE YOU TIME, not re-write everyone else's story! Which reminds me, DOES ANYONE OUT THERE STILL USE OH ESS NINE?? Because if you do, look for (9), for TEN, look for (X). Otherwise, it's both or neither. But with the world going to the TEN family, I'm about ready to stop trying to support NINE. Gimme some feedback!! In this issue, more Troubleshooting, Tips, at least one Occasional Favorite Web Site, and Special Bonus Keyboard Commands. Instead of blathering on, this issue is USEFUL. Next issue: blather. :-) Oh, I know the UNPREDICTABLE web site is not up to date yet. That's why you SUBSCRIBE!!

UPDATES - (X) Lots of Apple
NEWS & Weird News - MCPCE or MacExpo?, MS IE DOA? Premier Closes? more..
Trouble Shooting - (X)iMovie (Get it?), Epson Print Utility
Tips - (X)Address Book
Know The Difference - MS Tries To Ride the Potter Wave
OCCASIONAL Favorite WEB SITE - Dummies
Special Bonus Keyboard Commands - Finder

Geek Speak Alert:

(X) Apple Updates - use Software Update, or just go to the Apple Web site:

QuickTime 6.3

BlueTooth 1.2.1 - Necessary for supporting new phones and other digital devices and for compatibility with iSync 1.1.

iSync 1.1 - brings compatibilityh with more devices (FINALLY!!) Check out the updated compatibility page:

Sync compatibility list:
< >

Check for more updates at <>.

EOL - "IE for the Mac has been EOLed". Stands for "end of life", and is used as a verb. Use the abbreviation to be EXTRA COOL, or just say, "This package has been End of Lifed." It sounds so much more NATURAL than the word, "killed".

WWDC - (Apple) World Wide Developer Conference. A big event, loads of fun, but really only for Mac developers. As a show of support for Mac developers who have been snubbed in various ways over the years, (and possibly as a snub of the upcoming "MacWorld Creative Expo"), Apple announced a zillion new products at WWDC 2003.

MacHack - Plenty of fun to read about, and home of the annual MacHax Best Hack Contest (if you haven't read about this, you should). Read "The MacHax Best Hack Contest 2003" in TidBITS.


Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo July 16 - 18, 2003 - YOU SHOULD GO!! Call it MAC EXPO if you want, but they won't. That's because of all the feuding between Apple and the MacExpo people about having the Expo in New York or Boston, blah, blah, blah. Once upon a time, they claimed next year it will be in Boston and Apple won't be attending. Now? Who knows? See how Stevie jabs MCPCE in the face with the news (below) about all the Mac-Expo-like product announcements made at WWDC before MCPCE. Boys! Boys! Can't we all just have a little peace and ha-mon-ee??

I'm still on the fence about attending this year. If you see me, pull me aside and say "Hi, Chris. You can quit writing about OH ESS NINE!!". Or not.


Tons of New Products on the Way from Apple - This stuff was all announced at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference. There's the new WICKED FAST 64 bit G5 (replacing the G4), iChat AV - supporting video, iSight - Apple's nifty little video camera for use with iChat AV, the first 1.0 release of the Safari browser, and info on "Panther" - the next release of OS TEN. Take a look. I'm not going to write pages about this (yet).


Weird NEWS
QuarkExpress 6 Makes Near Earth Approach - If you're one of the few publishing professionals left who hasn't switched to Adobe InDesign, changed your career out of disgust with the arrogant folks at Quark, or simply retired early, then you might be happy to know that Express 6, written just for Jaguar or later (or, yuk, Windows) is inching its way out the door. But when? When? When? The pictures look pretty on the web site, but as for a real release date? THEY SAY IT IS NOW. Maybe you can figure out if it's really available, and if it's going to have any compelling features that go beyond what's already out there. Let me know. I'm interested, but let's face it, publishing is your business, mine is Macs! So Quark is going to be available for ONLY $1045.00 with upgrades ranging from ONLY $199 to $499 (depending on what you have already).


Microsoft to abandon standalone Internet Explorer - To continue consolidating its victory as an unrepentant monopoly in a political climate conservatively described as "the biggest gold rush in history for American - and only American - businesses", Microsoft announced that it will no longer be developing Internet Explorer as a standalone program. That is, it will be integrated into the Windows operating system (as MS falsely claimed it was in court 3 years ago). Although the decision was widely announced in the Windows world with no mention of the Macintosh, it has also been announced that the product will be EOLed on the Macintosh. Microsoft's gigantic underutilized Marketing division used the opportunity to note how difficult it was to compete with a software developer who also controls the OS (meaning Apple, Ha!). The real world might have taken this comment seriously if MS had done ANYTHING to improve IE in the past two years. RIP. If you haven't been on Safari yet, now's the time!


Adobe Premiere Pro CLOSES on the Mac - Idiot media commentators who forget we're in a new millennium have actually headlined this as "Another Software Developer Abandons the Mac!!" Hey. If you had to compete with all of Apple's awesome video products (some of which are free) would you bother? Adobe has instead decided to provide their video services to the less viable Windows XP, in what can only be described as a noble philanthropic effort to save that archaic Intel-based platform from oblivion. Way to go guys!!! And DON'T PANIC! Adobe isn't going to give away their marketshare in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or anything else to Macromedia. They're not THAT generous!


More News: <>

Just the usual Accolades (Thanks!)

Trouble Shooting
(X) iMovie - Stuttering Movie Means More Memory Needed or...

Grateful reader Judith writes, "Well, you were RIGHT!"
About? Mostly that she should have read the issue of UNPREDICTABLE that had the answer to her question. In case you missed it, here's a newly enhanced re-run:

Certain versions and Mac configurations have trouble with iMovie. Mainly, unsyncrhonized sound or 'stuttering'. If you've experienced these issues here are several solutions.

1) Version - If you are using iMovie 2.0, think about sticking with it. The early 3 releases had a LOT of trouble. Otherwise, GET CURRENT and make sure you have at least version 3.03, and pay attention to the items that follow.

2) Memory - LOOK it's so cheap, and so important for good performance; don't scrimp. My Titanium PowerBook 800 can hold up to 1 Gigabyte of RAM. So how much do I have installed?? ONE GIGABYTE. Personally I don't think anyone should run OS TEN with less than 512 Mb. iMovie EATS memory. Give it all you can.

3) The Bits Count - Some digital cameras can record sound in 12 or 16 bit. iMovie needs to get sound in 16 bit to work right. If it comes in in 12 bit, iMovie eventually loses track of all those missing bits that aren't there, and it gets CONFUSED. You can re-export the movie into iMovie after setting it to 16 bit. Or you can export the sound and re-import it at 16 bit. At least, I think that's how it works. Sounds like a pain to me, but the issue has fortunately been covered in a bunch of magazines who CARE. If you need the details, give Scott Kelby even MORE money, and check out Mac Design's 2003 Hot Tips issue.

(9, X) PRINTING - EPSON Utility in Oh Ess Ten
If you ever used Oh Ess NINE with your Epson printer, you probably remember the Epson Printer Utility. This was a nifty little application that was easily accessible from a Print dialog. It had options to check, clean, and align the print heads, and to tell you the status of your ink cartridge(s). So now you're using TEN (or you always have, poor baby), and the RED light is flashing on your printer which seems to mean that some ink or other is low. You go to print a fake print job so you can get to the Utility to see just what is going on and.....IT'S NOT THERE!

Maybe if you hit "Print" it will appear? No! It just prints. Did they do away with it? Do you have to launch the utility separately? Well, no it's still around, and yes, you can launch it separately. It's probably in \Applications\Utilities. And that's probaby the fastest way to get to it. But you can also launch it in a really DOPEY way from the much-improved-but-still-CLUNKY "Print Center". Wait till you see how unintuitive this is!

1) Locate and Launch Print Center
2) If the "Printer List" window isn't showing, go to the "Printers" menu and select "Show Printer List".
3) In the Printer List window select (click on) your Epson printer.
4) See all the buttons at the top of the window? "Make Default", "Add", "Delete", and "Configure". Is there one there called "Utility?" Or "Check Printer?" Or "Printer Status?" NOOOOO. You don't REALLY want to "Configure" your printer, but that's what you have to select to get where you want to go!! [Ten points from Gryffindor!!]
5) After you click [Configure], the Epson Utility loads, and you get to choose your printer AGAIN.
OH I CAN'T GO ON!! You can figure it out from here, can't you??

[Ten points to Slytherin for making the Windows XP printer interface EASIER than the Mac!! ]

(X) Address Book - Want to quickly determine if a certain user is in one of your Groups? In the Group Column, click "All". Then locate the name of the person in the "Name" column and select (click on) that name. You'll see the person's "card" appear. Now, click on the name of the group. For example, I want to be sure that someone is in my "Unpredictable" group. After finding their name, I click on "Unpredictable" in the Group column. The "Name" column quickly switches to show only the names of people in the Selected Group, and if that person is IN the Group, it will appear selected in that list. If someone is NOT in the group, you lose the selection but, oh well.

Know the Difference
Any News is MS News - Riding the Potter Wave

Almost immediately after many of us stood in line, in the rain, for hours, to buy our copies of "The Order of the Phoenix", a bunch of Hacker Dweebs, or perhaps more accurately, PC Marketing Weenies, were scanning in all 870 some pages of the much anticipated book, using Microsoft software to create a Microsoft "eBook" of it, and distributing it freely on the Internet. Wasn't that generous of them??? This special team of the underworked Marketing Department at a certain UNNAMED GARGANTUAN software MONOPOLY, CLEARLY made a point of using "the Microsoft platform" to put the books in "Microsoft eBook Reader" format. (Of course NOBODY knew or CARED what 'Microsoft eBook Reader' was prior to the story, did they??) And as if it weren't BLATANTLY OBVIOUS to anyone with a NOSE who was behind this obvious attempt to align a company with ANYTHING IN THE NEWS, even a CRIME, who BROKE this AMAZING story?? MSNBC.

It just shows the depths to which some people will sink to assist Pinky and the Brain in their quest TO TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!


And That's The Difference.

Occasional Favorite Web Site
(X) You don't have to be a Dummy to appreciate some of the good MacInfo you can get from the "dummies" web site. Try this article about "Understanding Access Rights and Priveleges in OS X":


Special Bonus Keyboard Commands
(9, X)
Here's a surprise. All these Keyboard Shortcut commands for Mac OS X, originally came from OS 9!!

Command-W - Close Window

Command-Right Arrow - Expand folder (list view)

Command-Left Arrow - Collapse Folder (list view)

Option-Command-W - Close all Windows

Option-Command-Right Arrow - Expand folder and nested subfolders (list view)

Option-Command-Up Arrow - Open parent folder and close current window


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